Spinnaker Configuration File Precedence

Many Linux services handle configuration files as follows: /etc/sudoers        ## The main config file /etc/sudoers.d    ## A directory for customizations. Add more files here, as you wish. That’s it! Very concise. Conversely, Spinnaker has a quagmire of different config files in various different locations. It is helpful to understand how they operate. When each of the services come up, they will […]

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Spinnaker, Ansible and Packer

The main focus of the article will be specifically the Spinnaker Bake cycle. This is the intersection of Spinnaker, Ansible and Packer. For a bit of advice about installation, which is actually a prerequisite, refer to Spinnaker Installation, Deployments, Questions & Answers Packer and Ansible On the Spinnaker server, the packer templates are located in /opt/rosco/config/packer/ . However, there is a slightly roundabout way of […]

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Spinnaker Installation, Deployments, Questions & Answers

A General Review of Spinnaker The focus of the article will be on end-to-end testing – everything about Spinnaker. INSTALLATION Very briefly, on the topic of installing Spinnaker at AWS: – Follow their documentation – There are a series of steps regarding IAM Roles covered in https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/providers/aws/ . These are a bit tricky, and if you don’t implement them all of them exactly correctly, Spinnaker […]

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