Packer Blue-Green Deployments

Let’s review a deployment scenario that utilizes Packer, Terraform, Ansible, and AWS Autoscaling. The code is available at Part 1 – To begin with, all the parts of the puzzle will be tied together by a fairly simple bash script, here called The logic is as follows: 1. build a new AMI with Packer. (In other words, run “packer”) 2. deploy the […]

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Spinnaker, Ansible and Packer

The main focus of the article will be specifically the Spinnaker Bake cycle. This is the intersection of Spinnaker, Ansible and Packer. For a bit of advice about installation, which is actually a prerequisite, refer to Spinnaker Installation, Deployments, Questions & Answers Packer and Ansible On the Spinnaker server, the packer templates are located in /opt/rosco/config/packer/ . However, there is a slightly roundabout way of […]

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